7 Things to Avoid During Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to kitchen renovations if you’re situated in the Glasgow or greater Scotland area, it is important to do careful planning. We recommend using our kitchen design services. Begin discussing your functional and aesthetic needs with our kitchen designer. There are 7 things to avoid when carrying out your kitchen renovations. By avoiding these things your renovation process will be smooth and go according to plan. Get advice from our kitchen designer too so that a proper plan is laid out for your renovation journey. The 7 things to avoid doing when renovating your kitchen will keep your renovations on track.

1.     Avoid not planning your kitchen’s layout

It is a good idea to get advice and plans drawn up by your kitchen designer. Professional advice is very useful. You need to ensure there’s enough space between cabinetry units and that cabinet handles don’t block walkways. The oven, sink and fridge need to be placed carefully in what is known as the “work triangle”, with not too much distance by foot between each area. Choose new appliances first, like your oven and fridge. You can then fit your units around your appliances. Built-in storage space savers are handy and useful such as pantry drawers and spice or herb shelves. Make sure there is enough work surface in your kitchen’s design. You will also need to install enough power sockets to plug in appliances.

2.     Avoid moving your plumbing

If you aren’t doing major kitchen renovations in your Glasgow-based home, it saves time as well as money to keep your current layout of sink, washing machine and dishwasher in the same positions so you don’t have to move plumbing points.

3.    Avoid not fitting enough lighting

Your kitchen designer will likely recommend installing three types of lighting during your kitchen renovations. You will need overhead lights for general illumination. Spot lighting will illuminate specific areas where tasks are performed like above the sink and kitchen island. Accent lighting will be installed in areas like under your cabinet track lighting up the work surface. Choosing the right lightbulbs is important too. LEDs are an energy efficient option.

4.    Avoid not creating a budget for your kitchen renovations

Decide which areas of your kitchen are priority and allocate money to those areas. Kitchen renovations can start at approximately £2,000 while the average kitchen remodel costs around £10,000. If you want to resell your house after the kitchen renovations in Glasgow area and surrounds, if you spend less than 5% of the value of the property on the new kitchen renovations you will likely make the kitchen renovation cost back when you sell.

5.    Avoid not protecting other areas from the renovation mess

Dust and debris from kitchen renovations make them a messy project. At the outset of your kitchen renovation, separate the kitchen from the remainder of the house using tarpaulin ground sheets and tape dust sheets around your doorways. Cover your surrounding room’s carpets in a self-adhesive carpet protection film, so builders removing debris won’t damage the carpets.

6.    Avoid not having a plan for meals for the family during renovations

Kitchen renovations can take 6 weeks to several months to complete. Your kitchen designer will advise on creating a “mini kitchen” in a separate room while you renovate the kitchen. You can use a counter-top mini oven, microwave, kettle and toaster in your makeshift kitchen. A toasted cheese griller or slow cooker will be a help too if you have them. You can decide to do your washing up in the bathroom sink. Before kitchen renovations commence, prepare some of your family’s favourite meals and freeze them.

7.    Avoid not informing your home insurance company of your kitchen renovation plans

Ensure you tell your home insurance provider that you are doing kitchen renovations so your home is covered throughout the renovation process. The typical questions they may ask are, what is the duration of the renovation project? Will the property be extended? Are you moving somewhere else during kitchen renovations? Who is carrying out your kitchen renovations? If there is a fire or water leak the property will be insured.

Avoiding these 7 areas of concern and using your kitchen designer’s advice and planning will ensure smooth kitchen renovations

Using our kitchen designer’s advice and careful planning and avoiding the 7 above areas of concern will mean you can create the ideal kitchen for you and your family. Avoid not doing a kitchen plan layout. It is advised not to move your plumbing points as it’s a costly process. Avoid fitting insufficient lighting, this will make meal preparation harder in the kitchen as you won’t be able to see what you’re doing. You need to ensue you draw up a budget so you don’t overspend. Protect other areas of the house from debris and dust by covering other rooms in ground sheet tarpaulin. 

Have a plan for meals when you don’t have access to the kitchen. Create a “mini kitchen” with several key appliances from the main kitchen like the toaster, kettle and counter-top mini oven. You must let your insurance provider know of your kitchen renovations so you are covered. Our kitchen designer you have chosen in the Glasgow area to do your kitchen renovations will guide you through the renovation process. With their expertise and these areas of concern to avoid you are on your way to creating the kitchen you have always dreamed of!

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