5 Amazing Small Bathroom Design Ideas on a Tight Budget in Scotland

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Small bathrooms can pose challenges for homeowners in Scotland when it comes to bathroom renovations. However, with the right home improvement ideas and by using our bathroom services you can transform a small bathroom. You need to prepare a budget before you start your bathroom renovations. Draw up a list of areas you want to focus on in your bathroom renovation. The bathroom designer will then have a better idea of how to design the style and look and feel of your bathroom. Write down a list of your functional needs too so they can assist with home improvement ideas that will match your needs. You can discuss any home improvement ideas for your small bathroom with our bathroom renovations team.

There are certain tips and tricks that you can make use of that will be discussed that will transform your small bathroom on a tight budget. There are 5 main tips that will be discussed that will cut costs and lead to the bathroom you have always dreamed of.

1.     Use your bathroom paint to your advantage

By choosing the right colour palette for your bathroom you can refresh the whole room and make it appear bigger and more spacious. It is recommended to choose a bright or even neutral colour. Darker colours in a small bathroom are not complimentary and make the space appear cavernous. While you are painting your bathroom another home improvement idea is to paint your vanity. Painting your vanity white will make it stand out and look fresh, while painting it grey can give off a trendy, cottage-style look and feel. Consider doing the paintwork yourself as a DIY project to save money. There are lots of YouTube tutorials guiding the process. Then the bathroom renovations team can do the rest of the installations for you.

2.     Create storage space by installing built-in cabinetry

With your bathroom renovations, storage space is critical for functionality. Shaker designs hone in on utility and simplicity. Although your bathroom may be small, there is likely a corner that would suit built-in shelving. Built-in shelving adds style and elegance to a small bathroom. Custom shelving units give you space to store towels and toiletries. Built-in cabinetry is easier to keep clean than a free-standing unit. Built-in cabinet space gives you an area to store away your bathroom essentials and adds a tidy, clutter-free, minimalistic theme. If you have gone for white and grey in your small bathroom as your colour choice, white cabinetry made from MDF covered in laminate would work well.

3.     Create a statement-making floor

Even though your bathroom is small and you’re on a tight budget, you can still install an eye-catching floor. Due to the square footage of the floor space being a small area, there is more room to play with your money and floor material choice. You could choose a modern tile pattern or even spend a bit more on heated flooring. A new floor can instantly refresh a bathroom area and add a sense of luxury and elegance. You could choose white tiles or a darker shade of grey to offset against the white in the rest of the bathroom.

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4.     Choose a glass door for your shower as it creates a sense of space

The traditional shower curtain can make a small bathroom feel even smaller than they actually are. When speaking to the bathroom designer and in using our bathroom services a worthwhile home improvement idea is to consider a walk-in shower enclosed by a glass door to open up the space. Glass doors are easier to clean than shower curtains. You simply wipe them down with some shower cleaner. Bathroom renovations in Scotland can be done on a tight budget, with the many ideas our bathroom services team has on offer.

5.     Install small lighting fixtures in your small bathroom space

Look for compact-sized lighting fixtures to make the small space appear bigger and create a modern and streamlined look and feel. Smaller fixtures are less pricey than bigger fixtures. A small hanging downlight would work well or LED light fixtures. Lighting will help make the room feel well-lit and add an element of space. Choosing energy-efficient light-bulbs will also help you save on your energy bills. This energy-saving home improvement idea is really handy.

Tying together the 5 small bathroom design ideas to get the bathroom you have dreamed of

On a tight budget consider changing your perspective. Consider doing a DIY paint job in your bathroom, leaving the rest of the work up to the bathroom renovation team. Create built-in cupboard space to store away your essentials and keep a clutter-free area. Use nice coloured tiling that makes a statement for your floor such as white or grey. Choose a walk-in glass-doored shower to create a sense of space. Invest in low-flow energy saving lightbulbs to save on energy bills. Make use of smaller fixtures too in keeping with the smaller space. With our bathroom specilaists working together with you, and in using these 5 home improvement ideas you are well on your way to getting the bathroom of your dreams.

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5 Ways to Save Money on a Home Improvement

It’s always a worthwhile idea to renovate your home, but we are often faced with a tight budget. There are 5 ways in which you can save money on home improvements that will be discussed. We recommend using our bathroom services team to find ways in which you can save on your home improvements. There are ways you can save with bathroom renovations for example that will cut down on expenses but help you give your bathroom a make-over. By committing to a renovation you will cut into your savings. However, being prepared will help you save on time and money and ensure your costs don’t escalate out of control. There are various home improvement ideas that will be discussed focusing on 5 main examples to help you save money.

1.     Make sure to have a discussion about home improvement design options with the bathroom company who will be carrying out your renovations

You will discuss the budget and the areas you want to renovate with the bathroom company you are using. You need to consider the lifestyle embodied in the house and the overall style you want to have in it. These factors will influence the perfect renovation design. Take your time in getting the design right. You need to consider functionality and the ways in which you want to save money. The bathroom designer will have a host of ideas and hot tips to save money on your bathroom design. If you keep your design simple you save money on renovations. If you are renovating a bathroom if you keep a similar layout and do not alter the plumbing drastically you cut costs. Moving plumbing pipes is costly. Sourcing cost-effective taps and towel rails will keep expenses down. If your design is more complex, the home improvement costs will rise. By having these conversations regarding bathroom renovations, you’re on your way to saving money.

2.     Make a budget and try and stick to it

The budget is the most important part of your planning phase regarding your home improvements. It is important to lay everything out in a spreadsheet. Having your finances set out in front of you gives you a breakdown of individual costs and all the areas of work. If you are doing a big renovation with multiple materials and timelines the spreadsheet will help. The bathroom services company will have a tangible budget to work with. You can also add or remove jobs or items and you won’t get a shock by the costs that appear throughout the renovations.

3.     Keep things neat and tidy and be ready to start the home improvements

In order to have a nice renovation journey make sure your house is prepared and ready for the home improvements and bathroom renovations. You need to make it an easy experience for the tradespeople. Give them simple access to the areas they need to work in. Provide them with a clean, de-cluttered environment. The bathroom renovation specialists will then be more efficient at their jobs and there will not be unnecessary delays on work being completed. Time implies spending money in the building industry, money spent by the homeowner. The bathroom renovation tradespeople will appreciate working in an organised set-up.

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4.     Remain organised

You’re likely excited to get everything you need. Ask your bathroom renovation team to source the best deals for you. Don’t rush into purchases like taps, vanities and sinks, let the bathroom services team get you the best quality materials at a good deal. Look at the market before the renovations start so you have an idea of what you like before home improvement ideas are discussed.

5.     Complete some of the work yourself

Doing some of the work yourself will save you money during your renovations. You don’t have to be an expert builder but there are some parts you could attempt on your own. You can complete some easier tasks to save your tradespeople time before they arrive to complete the job. Begin by removing rubbish to save yourself some money. Take a few trailer loads to the dumping site or fill up a skip for collection. Some recyclable materials are free to dispose of at the dumping site. With every renovation including bathroom renovations, painting needs to be done. Painting your bathroom yourself will save money and it’s also a fun experience. YouTube is there for any tutorial you may need on painting. You will end up saving money and time and pick up a new skill. Make sure to tell your bathroom renovations team which jobs you will complete yourself or will be assisting with so they don’t add these costs to their final price.

Saving money on home improvements can be achieved with these 5 tips

You need to discuss your budget and ideas for home improvements with the bathroom specialists who will be doing your renovation. You need to keep things neat and tidy and give simple access to areas the bathroom specialist team needs to work on. Remain organised and look into prices of vanities, sinks and taps beforehand. Get the bathroom services team to shop around for high quality materials at a good deal. You can complete some of the work yourself like de-cluttering the area and doing the painting yourself. Communicate with your bathroom specialist team so they know what to quote you for. With the help of a bathroom services team, you will be able to complete your bathroom renovations easily and by using these 5 tips you will get the bathroom you have always wanted!

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How Much Value Does A Bathroom Remodel Add To Your Home?

Adding an ensuite on renovating an existing bathroom in your home automatically adds value to your property. Renovating the bathroom can increase the value of a property by 5-7%. A bathroom renovation in Scotland for an ensuite bathroom costs between £2,500 and £6,000. So adding or updating a bathroom is a worthwhile home improvement idea. Adding an additional bathroom creates extra space for a bigger family too and making it ensuite increases the house’s resale value. We recommend using trying our bathroom client’s services where you can choose a bathroom style that appeals to you and they will do the design and installation for you.

Choosing your bathroom renovation areas

Homeowners on a smaller budget or those who only want to concentrate on certain areas to upgrade should concentrate on the areas with the highest returns. This allows the homeowner to put funds towards certain areas with the highest return on investment and will help them prioritise their funds. We will discuss 5 bathroom renovation ideas to add value to your home.

1.     Getting new plumbing fixtures

Outdated fixtures make a room look dated while new fixtures make a bathroom modern and welcoming. Installing new faucets and showerheads is not an expensive cost in refurbishing your bathroom. Choose fixtures that complement the theme of the bathroom overall. This home improvement idea will add monetary value to your home and improve it on an aesthetic and functional level. If you have a modern bathroom, ensure your fixtures match the colour palette of the room and its general style.

2.     Upgrading your vanity

If your budget allows it upgrading the entire vanity is a good idea which means you will be replacing faucets, cabinetry and sink. You can either buy a vanity kit and DIY or you can enlist the expertise of our bathroom client’s fitting team. Marble and granite are popular countertops and white tiles and laminate can look retro.

3.     Apply a fresh coat of paint

The simple idea of painting your bathroom can make a big impact overall. This is a particularly good idea if your bathroom shows signs of mildew or water damage. If there is water damage you will need to attend to this problem before painting. It is nice to have a kitchen company repaint your bathroom as they can recommend appropriate colour choices in keeping with your bathroom theme.

4.     Updating your bathroom flooring

Upgrading your bathroom flooring will be an investment on an aesthetic and monetary level. Tiling a bathroom in the United Kingdom costs an average price of £20-£25 per square metre. If you want to take things to the next level installing radiant heat mats under the tiles will warm the floors, perfect to walk on after a shower or bath. New flooring and heat mats changes the look, feel and functionality of the bathroom space.

5.     Upgrading your energy efficiency

An energy-efficient home is good for the environment as well as for the resale value of your home. You can optimise the shower, sink as well as toilet for low flow which means you will use less water and save on your monthly water bills. A more energy-efficient home is appealing to buyers and will save you money overall.

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A bathroom renovation is a good idea on the whole

Overall a bathroom renovation is a worthwhile investment. A bathroom renovation adds 5-7% in value to your home. Adding an ensuite bathroom costs between £2,500 and £6,000. Tiling your bathroom to upgrade the floors with bathroom renovations in Scotland costs an average price of £20-£25 per square metre. We discussed 5 key areas you can focus on that our bathroom client can work on for you in a bathroom renovation. Adding new plumbing fixtures, upgrading your vanity and painting your bathroom are worthwhile home improvement ideas. You can also re-tile or change the flooring in your bathroom to add value to your home with the added luxury of underfloor heating mats. Upgrading the energy efficiency of your home by optimising low water flow in your shower, sink and toilet will save on your water bills and make the house more attractive should you wish to sell it one day. By using a bathroom services team your bathroom renovation will prove easy and a worthwhile investment to get the bathroom you have always wanted! The bathroom services team will provide advice on the choice of fixtures, paint colour and flooring options so that your bathroom will look inviting after the renovations.