How to Make your Home More Energy Efficient in Scotland

There are several ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your home in Scotland. By doing this you will save on your energy bills monthly. Areas that can be worked on create a more energy efficient home are insulation, lighting and heating. By insulating your home using our insulation services it will automatically keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. You can save 35-50% on your heating bills if you insulate your loft, walls or underfloors. By buying energy efficient lightbulbs you will also use less power in your home and your electricity bill will work out cheaper. When it comes to heating our boiler services team in Scotland can install an eco-boiler for your home free of charge or with a small contribution fee. If you are a homeowner and have access to a government grant, our team can install a brand new eco-boiler free of charge after you have installed underfloor insulation. By concentrating on these home improvement areas in your home you will be working towards a more energy efficient home, saving money on household energy bills. By doing so you are also making an environmentally-conscious decision to be more energy efficient.

Installing insulation in your home creates a more energy efficient environment

A well-insulated home makes a difference to the temperature and the energy efficiency of your home. It will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer saving on your air-conditioning bills. Our insulation services team will assess your home and you can decide where you want your insulation, be it your walls, underfloors or loft. If you are considering getting an eco-boiler on a government grant our boiler services team in Scotland will install it for you.

Adding thermal shades on your windows helps save on energy bills. They will keep out the sun in winter and retain heat in winter. If you seal the windows and add draft guards on the outside of the doors reduces energy loss. Insulated homes are warmer and more welcoming and the fact that the insulation saves money on heating bills is an added benefit. These home improvement ideas will benefit you in the long run.

Having energy efficient lighting in your house adds to overall energy efficiency in your home

Home Energy Efficient

Lighting in your home accounts for up to 15% of energy use, so it’s a good idea to consider the energy efficient options available. Normally, this means changing your lightbulbs to LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes). These lightbulbs have evolved with time and have different brightness and colour options. LEDs are able to fit into almost any fitting. While halogen bulbs were phased out in the European Union reforms in 2018. If you have a new fitting installed they must also be energy efficient. The electrician fitting your lighting will advise you on fittings suited to your home. Working on your lighting to be more energy efficient as a home improvement idea is worthwhile.

Installing an eco-boiler in your home and having more energy efficient heating will contribute to overall energy efficiency in your home

The government has instigated the Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) in an effort to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Government grants for heating are available in Scotland. To make use of our boiler services, you need to be a home-owner, be on a benefit scheme and then upgrade the energy efficiency of your home. Firstly, you need to insulate your underfloors using our insulation services, then you can have a free combi-boiler installed by our boiler services team in Scotland.

What you need to get a free eco-boiler installed

Your boiler must be 4 years old if it’s a regular boiler and 6 years old if it’s a combi-boiler. Our boiler services team will do a free energy assessment of your household. This is to make sure your new eco-boiler will reduce your household energy bills. You will need to have access to a government grant for heating systems. Getting an eco-boiler is a good home improvement idea.

By working on your insulation, lighting and heating you will achieve a more energy efficient home An insulated home helps regulate the interior temperature. If you insulate your underfloors, walls or loft you will create a more energy efficient home and save up to 50% on your energy bills. This is a big saving. Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer saving on both heating and air conditioning bills. By buying LEDs and installing energy efficient fittings in your home you will be cutting costs on your electricity bills and having a more eco-friendly home. Installing an eco-boiler once you have insulated your underfloors through your government heating grant will increase the energy efficiency of your home. These three home improvement ideas will create a more energy efficient home for you and your family, help you save on energy bills and will mean you have a more eco-friendly home


Winter has Arrived- 8 Tips to Get your Boiler Ready for Winter

Winter has arrived in Scotland while your boiler has taken a break over the hot summer months. You need to get your boiler ready for the winter months. 8 tips to get your boiler ready for winter will be discussed. It is recommended to use our boiler services in Scotland. There are several tips to prepare your boiler for winter. You could also invest in a new boiler. There are various heating grants in Scotland where you can qualify for the installation of a new eco-boiler in your home. Essentially you need to be a home-owner, be on a benefit scheme and then you can upgrade the efficiency of your home. You also need to insulate your underfloors before the eco-boiler can be installed free of charge. Heating grants in Scotland are easy to access and our boiler services team can install your boiler for you free of charge. There may be a small contribution fee to the installation. 8 tips will be discussed below to get your boiler ready for winter.

1.     Do a test turn-on of your boiler

By turning on your boiler you can check your heating before the cold weather really sets in. This is the ideal time to see if your boiler is healthy enough to withstand the cold winter months and provide some warmth for you and your family. If you are on a heating grant in Scotland you can still do this simple test by yourself to determine if your boiler heats up as it should. 

2.     Insulate your boiler’s pipes

If it is possible, insulating your pipe system can give thermal support to prevent the pipes from freezing, reducing the risk that your boiler fails on you. You can use insulation to protect your pipes from cold exposure.

3.     Check your radiator

Touch your radiators when the heating is on. Check if they are cold towards the bottom. This may indicate trapped air in the radiator. If this is the case you can bleed your radiator and this should solve the problem. If the issue continues, this could mean there’s sludge build-up which could affect the heating system, as a whole, in a big way. Power flushing or simply cleaning the radiator should alleviate this problem. If you have a heating grant in Scotland and had an eco-boiler installed the boiler services team will test your radiator after installation to ensure it works.

4.     Check your boiler pressure to make its sure it’s functioning properly

Most boilers come with a boiler pressure gauge. By looking at it quickly, you will see if the pressure is in the red or green, in the range of 1 and 1,5. If the pressure is reduced, it will negatively affect the hot water moving through your heating system. If the pressure is too high, you will need to bleed the radiators. If the pressure is on the low side, try using the refilling loop that will increase the pressure which should help. Should your boiler be temperamental, it’s time to make use of our boiler services in the Scotland area. With your heating grant in Scotland you can access the free eco-boiler and have a brand new boiler for winter.

5.     Buy a carbon monoxide alarm

If carbon monoxide leaks, it’s very serious indicating a problem with your heating system. The alarm could save lives so it’s a good idea to invest in one. If you already have one check it works by using the test button.

6.     Check for any thermostat faults

You need to make sure your thermostat is responsive. If you suspect it’s faulty, try replacing the batteries. If that doesn’t work get a professional to check it.

7.     Clean your boiler

In some cases a quick clean of your boiler can get rid of dirt and debris that affect its functionality. Keep safety in mind when you clean your boiler. You should arrange an annual service. A professional can find any problems that you may miss, ensuring issues are resolved with your boiler. The annual service also makes sure your boiler is gas safe to protect you and your family. If a problem arises before the annual service is due it is recommended to get a technician out to check it. 

8.     Invest in a new boiler

Even if your old boiler works well, investing in a new one can improve the energy efficiency of your home. Our boiler services team based in Scotland will install your eco-boiler after you insulate your floors. Having access to a heating grant in Scotland allows you this opportunity. You will reduce the energy bills in your home. 

Using the 8 tips to get your boiler ready for winter

Firstly, you need to do a test turn-on of your boiler to see it heats up. You can insulate the pipes to prevent them from freezing. Check if your radiator is working. You can bleed your radiator or power flush it to resolve any issues with the radiator. The boiler pressure needs to be checked and if your boiler is temperamental it may be time to invest in a new one via our boiler services team in Scotland, with access to a heating grant. Buy a carbon monoxide alarm to keep your family safe or if you have one check it’s working. Your thermostat needs to be working properly, so monitor that. Order an annual service and clean of your boiler to ensure it’s running correctly. You can invest in a new boiler to have a more energy efficient home by using our boiler services team for quick and easy installation. Get ready for winter by assessing your old boiler for faults or invest in an eco-boiler for a warmer, more energy efficient home.