7 Things to Avoid During Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to kitchen renovations if you’re situated in the Glasgow or greater Scotland area, it is important to do careful planning. We recommend using our kitchen design services. Begin discussing your functional and aesthetic needs with our kitchen designer. There are 7 things to avoid when carrying out your kitchen renovations. By avoiding these things your renovation process will be smooth and go according to plan. Get advice from our kitchen designer too so that a proper plan is laid out for your renovation journey. The 7 things to avoid doing when renovating your kitchen will keep your renovations on track.

1.     Avoid not planning your kitchen’s layout

It is a good idea to get advice and plans drawn up by your kitchen designer. Professional advice is very useful. You need to ensure there’s enough space between cabinetry units and that cabinet handles don’t block walkways. The oven, sink and fridge need to be placed carefully in what is known as the “work triangle”, with not too much distance by foot between each area. Choose new appliances first, like your oven and fridge. You can then fit your units around your appliances. Built-in storage space savers are handy and useful such as pantry drawers and spice or herb shelves. Make sure there is enough work surface in your kitchen’s design. You will also need to install enough power sockets to plug in appliances.

2.     Avoid moving your plumbing

If you aren’t doing major kitchen renovations in your Glasgow-based home, it saves time as well as money to keep your current layout of sink, washing machine and dishwasher in the same positions so you don’t have to move plumbing points.

3.    Avoid not fitting enough lighting

Your kitchen designer will likely recommend installing three types of lighting during your kitchen renovations. You will need overhead lights for general illumination. Spot lighting will illuminate specific areas where tasks are performed like above the sink and kitchen island. Accent lighting will be installed in areas like under your cabinet track lighting up the work surface. Choosing the right lightbulbs is important too. LEDs are an energy efficient option.

4.    Avoid not creating a budget for your kitchen renovations

Decide which areas of your kitchen are priority and allocate money to those areas. Kitchen renovations can start at approximately £2,000 while the average kitchen remodel costs around £10,000. If you want to resell your house after the kitchen renovations in Glasgow area and surrounds, if you spend less than 5% of the value of the property on the new kitchen renovations you will likely make the kitchen renovation cost back when you sell.

5.    Avoid not protecting other areas from the renovation mess

Dust and debris from kitchen renovations make them a messy project. At the outset of your kitchen renovation, separate the kitchen from the remainder of the house using tarpaulin ground sheets and tape dust sheets around your doorways. Cover your surrounding room’s carpets in a self-adhesive carpet protection film, so builders removing debris won’t damage the carpets.

6.    Avoid not having a plan for meals for the family during renovations

Kitchen renovations can take 6 weeks to several months to complete. Your kitchen designer will advise on creating a “mini kitchen” in a separate room while you renovate the kitchen. You can use a counter-top mini oven, microwave, kettle and toaster in your makeshift kitchen. A toasted cheese griller or slow cooker will be a help too if you have them. You can decide to do your washing up in the bathroom sink. Before kitchen renovations commence, prepare some of your family’s favourite meals and freeze them.

7.    Avoid not informing your home insurance company of your kitchen renovation plans

Ensure you tell your home insurance provider that you are doing kitchen renovations so your home is covered throughout the renovation process. The typical questions they may ask are, what is the duration of the renovation project? Will the property be extended? Are you moving somewhere else during kitchen renovations? Who is carrying out your kitchen renovations? If there is a fire or water leak the property will be insured.

Avoiding these 7 areas of concern and using your kitchen designer’s advice and planning will ensure smooth kitchen renovations

Using our kitchen designer’s advice and careful planning and avoiding the 7 above areas of concern will mean you can create the ideal kitchen for you and your family. Avoid not doing a kitchen plan layout. It is advised not to move your plumbing points as it’s a costly process. Avoid fitting insufficient lighting, this will make meal preparation harder in the kitchen as you won’t be able to see what you’re doing. You need to ensue you draw up a budget so you don’t overspend. Protect other areas of the house from debris and dust by covering other rooms in ground sheet tarpaulin. 

Have a plan for meals when you don’t have access to the kitchen. Create a “mini kitchen” with several key appliances from the main kitchen like the toaster, kettle and counter-top mini oven. You must let your insurance provider know of your kitchen renovations so you are covered. Our kitchen designer you have chosen in the Glasgow area to do your kitchen renovations will guide you through the renovation process. With their expertise and these areas of concern to avoid you are on your way to creating the kitchen you have always dreamed of!

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Kitchen Design Trends : Broken Plan Kitchens

Open-plan kitchens have evolved into broken-plan kitchens. A lot of homeowners are moving away from open-plan layouts and are using broken-plan layouts in their kitchens. Broken-plan layouts form a barrier with the living area without cutting them off. We recommend using our kitchen services to do your kitchen renovations in the Scotland area to create a broken-plan layout. Creating zones in your kitchen creates privacy and doesn’t compromise on light and openness. There are four ideas that are considered trends that will help you create a broken-plan kitchen that will be discussed. 

Deciphering what a broken-plan kitchen looks like

Broken-plan kitchens are perfect for entertaining. A broken-plan kitchen has physical dividers between the kitchen and dining area using room divisions like different floor finishes, half walls and shelves. Broken-plan kitchens have the same spacious quality as open-plan kitchens but still have a degree of separation between dining and living areas. Doing broken-plan kitchen renovations will improve your kitchen both on a functional and aesthetic level. In order to create the seamless feel between different zones, careful planning is necessary.

1.     Creating zones in your broken-plan kitchen using a half wall

A simple idea that will create a broken-plan kitchen with a division between living and dining areas is to build a low or half-height wall. This kitchen renovation idea is used in Scotland. A half wall compliments practical elements like a breakfast bar giving an extra area for seating or bench stools. Combining living and dining areas creates better flow and space for conversations between family members and guests. A breakfast bar provides a space to entertain friends and family. Half walls also create a visual block concealing a messy kitchen after cooking. You can enjoy a meal with your family and guests at your breakfast bar.

2.     Creating zones in your broken-plan kitchen using a dividing shelf

Many homeowners don’t have enough storage space in their kitchen. A dividing shelf provides an effortless transition into different zones and can show off antiques or collectibles and homeware that would normally be hidden in closed cabinets. Open shelving creates a division between the kitchen and dining area, creating privacy for your children to complete their homework, for example, while you prepare a meal.

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3.     Creating zones in your broken-plan kitchen using a tall fireplace

Broken-plan kitchens bring character into your home and a good way to do this is to do a kitchen renovation with a tall fireplace between zones. A big open-plan living space can be divided by a tall fireplace between kitchen and living room. The line of sight is maintained between these two zones. This room divider can be enjoyed during a cold winter’s night where the family can keep warm near the fireplace. A tall fireplace makes a statement, is a talking point and centrepiece.

4.     Connecting zones in your broken-plan kitchen using materials and colour

You can create a sense of continuity in your open-plan layout in your kitchen design through connecting zones with colour and furniture. For example, you could choose to use similar looking cabinetry like open shelving in the kitchen and living room. Another way to create continuity is by using colour in a kitchen splashback and creating a visual link by using the same colour in the dining area seen on a feature wall. If you use the different flooring in both areas this shows a division between the spaces too. Good use of colour in your kitchen renovations creates natural zones. Colour used to differentiate between kitchen and living areas is a popular technique used in kitchen renovations in Scotland. Our kitchen renovation team will advise you on colour schemes that will suit your kitchen.

Using kitchen design trends to create your broken-plan kitchen

Broken-plan kitchens have evolved from the original layout of open-plan kitchens. Broken-plan layouts form a barrier with the living area without cutting them off. With the help of our kitchen renovation team in Scotland you can create the ideal broken-plan layout in your kitchen. There are four trends discussed above that will help you create zones in your kitchen for privacy, yet there will be a continuous theme between different areas. Broken-plan kitchens have physical dividers between the kitchen and dining area using room divisions like different floor finishes, half walls and shelves. Half walls compliment practical elements like a breakfast bar giving an extra area for seating or stools. Combining living and dining areas creates a flow of conversation. A dividing shelf can show off antiques or and homeware that would normally be concealed in closed cabinets.

Creating zones can be done using a tall fireplace in your kitchen renovations. A large open-plan living space can have zones created in it by a tall fireplace between the kitchen and living room. Seamlessness can be created in your open-plan layout in your kitchen design through connecting zones with colour and furniture. You may choose to use similar looking cabinetry like open shelving in the kitchen and living room. You can also create a seamless feel using colour in your kitchen splashback and creating a visual link by using the same colour in the dining area displayed on a feature wall. By using our kitchen renovation team in Scotland and some of these trends to differentiate between zones, you can create the ideal broken-plan kitchen.


7 Tips to Design a Stylish Small Kitchen

When you are doing kitchen renovations for a small kitchen, the layout and size of your kitchen needs to be taken into consideration. There are several tips that will be discussed that will show you how you can design a stylish small kitchen. We recommend making use of our kitchen renovation services. The kitchen company can do the kitchen renovations for you from design to fitment. They will have a catalogue of finished kitchens on show that will showcase their kitchen styles and themes. Then you can go on to create the kitchen of your dreams. Be sure to make use of these 7 tips helping you create the ideal, stylish small kitchen.

1.     Creating the style of your kitchen based on its size

You need to consider the uses of your kitchen: its social uses, food preparation uses, the general design style of your home as well as the size and layout of your kitchen. The dimensions of your kitchen will influence the design style you will use. Modern themes suit an open floor plan and bigger spaces. Informal traditional styles work in modest kitchens. Installing a kitchen island or maneuvering cabinets is a big change that can alter the “work triangle” making it more functional. The “work triangle” is made by the stove, sink and meal preparation area and fridge.

You can also do smaller kitchen renovations making cooking, mealtime and socialising easier. Choosing the right lighting fixtures can light up dark areas of your kitchen. Updating your worktops to quartz, granite or solid wood gives your kitchen a new look. The best idea is to make the best use of the space you have available to make your kitchen stylish.

2.     Splashing out in small kitchen spaces is worthwhile

It is a worthwhile idea to spend a bit more in a smaller kitchen. You could choose a quartz worktop and top of the range stainless steel appliances ideal in a galley kitchen. Quartz is stronger than granite and is very aesthetically pleasing. Adding designer stools and statement hanging lighting fixtures add a sophisticated, elegant feel to your kitchen renovations. Quartz and solid wood worktops are popular kitchen renovation materials in Scotland.

3.     Make use of the “Work Triangle”

The “work triangle” should be as compact as possible so that you don’t have to walk around far in your kitchen to reach each area. You can create a compact kitchen with an island sink which makes moving around from the meal preparation area to the stove as simple as simply turning around. Putting thought into your kitchen renovation design means the layout is critical to consider especially in smaller kitchens so you can make the best use of the space.

4.     It is important to adapt to narrow galley kitchens

Small, narrow kitchens need creativity to make the best use of the space available. You can choose narrower countertops and cabinets to accommodate the narrow layout. This allows for more floor space. The “work triangle” or stove, fridge and sink being well-positioned ensures easy movement in the kitchen.

5.     A small kitchen can be comfortably busy with clutter

You don’t have to have a completely clutter-free kitchen for it to feel inviting. A cosy kitchen with a mixture of open, vertical as well as overhead storage makes good use of space. The kitchen may appear to look cram-packed with cookware, utensils, cooking ingredients and appliances but everything will have its space so the cook can easily access it. A busy but organised kitchen is homely and welcoming. Kitchen renovations in Scotland show busy kitchens in small kitchen design but there must be organisation too.

6.     Use light colours to open up a small kitchen

You can use a natural wood finish on cabinetry and makes use of simple lines on the wall cabinets and paint your kitchen island something like a muted green to expand the look of the kitchen. Light hardwood flooring can lighten up a small kitchen. The ceiling can be white. A window with natural light adds a bigger feel. Worktops that are light in colour to brighten up the space like laminated light coloured MDF or solid wood worktops work well.

7.     Choose standout materials to create a special small kitchen

A solid wood worktop made from Beech, Cherry, Iroko, Maple, Oak, Sapele, Teak, Walnut and Wenge is elegant and makes a statement contrasting against the small kitchens cabinetry and walls. Solid woods are different in colour and grain. They are durable and long-lasting and make a statement in your stylish small kitchen. You can also make use of wood cabinetry materials materials to make a statement in your kitchen choosing from Maple, Oak, Birch, Hickory and Cherry. Solid wood worktops and cabinetry adds elegance to your kitchen renovations overall.

These 7 tips will help you create the ideal, stylish small kitchen

If you take these 7 tips into account you will create the stylish small kitchen you have always wanted! Layout and size need to be considered. Splashing out on worktops, for example, is a worthwhile idea in a smaller space. Making use of the “work triangle” optimizes the flow of your kitchen. This must be taken into account in narrow kitchens too. Some clutter that is organised works well in small kitchens for a busy, homely feel. Light-coloured cabinetry, worktops and flooring add an element of space. Choosing standout cabinetry and worktop materials of solid wood worktops adds elegance. With the help of our kitchen services team and these tips, you are guaranteed to create an elegant and timeless, stylish small kitchen.

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4 Kitchen Makeover Tips for Resale

If you want to sell your home there are various elements you can focus on in your kitchen renovation. It is important to consider which cabinets, worktops, and additional kitchen features will benefit your home resale goals. You will need to think about your kitchen renovation in Scotland incorporating the future plans of selling your property. It is helpful to keep things simple. It is a valuable idea to keep your kitchen renovation and home improvement ideas neutral and timeless so that they don’t get dated with time. If your kitchen is low-key and doesn’t display luxury materials it may not be ideal to add costly renovation elements like granite or marble worktops.

It is important when you are considering selling your home to think about its price point, location, and the general aesthetics of the kitchen. You want your home to look its best when you put it up for sale. If you want to do kitchen renovations before selling, make sure to use classic features when renovating your kitchen and have a thorough plan for the kitchen design. We will discuss 4 main makeover tips for resale which will guide your home improvement ideas and general kitchen renovation.

  1. Refacing your kitchen cabinets upgrades the overall look of your kitchen

Refacing your kitchen cabinets adds a fresh look to your kitchen and is affordable. Cabinet refacing is ideal in the case of dated or worn cabinet doors while the existing cabinet structures are still in good condition. Refacing your cabinets is a quick process that isn’t too expensive and will update the general look of your kitchen. Cabinet refacing is a worthwhile home improvement idea. There are lots of styles and colours to choose from. These include options from laminated MDF doors to natural solid wood cabinet doors. This kitchen renovation idea will refresh the look of your kitchen. You can choose a different, modern colour for your cabinetry should you choose to paint it or leave a natural tone if its solid wood that will boost the resale value of your home.

2. Choosing a new worktop material

Laminated MDF worktops are a popular choice in kitchen renovations in Scotland. If you have a bigger budget quartz worktops are durable and offer a layer of non-porous germ-resistance in your kitchen. Making use of neutral tones and whites will ensure longevity in your kitchen. Granite is also a popular choice for worktops in kitchen renovations in Scotland. Granite is a classic, timeless material although darker in colour so match your colour scheme with neutral or white cabinetry surrounding the granite worktops. Bear in mind your return on investment for your future plans to sell your home.

3. Deciding on lighting for your kitchen renovation

It is a good idea to have a well-lit kitchen in terms of future plans to sell your home. Under-cabinet lights, dimmers and lighted cabinets will add extra light to your kitchen increasing the chances of a sale. It is a good idea to brighten meal preparation areas. Adding dimmers adds a nice atmosphere for dining and entertainment areas such as over your kitchen island. Kitchen islands are ideal for entertaining friends and family while the cook works on the meal nearby. Prospective buyers will like the idea of having a well-lit kitchen island for their shared meals.

4. Focus on your home improvement details

Smaller details tie a room together when it comes to the kitchen. When you aim to resell your home, the lighting, floor and backsplash are details that will boost the resale value. By adding a neutral wall colour you add appeal to the look and feel of your kitchen. You can add a splash of colour with a bright coloured rug, decorative crockery and a tablecloth.

The backsplash can be a material from mosaiced to modern and tiled. Backsplashes protect the wall from spraying oils and grease when cooking. In changing your kitchen cabinet hardware you can update the overall look and feel of your kitchen renovation. By replacing outdated pulls with modern nickel or stainless steel knobs and pulls you will liven up your kitchen and make it look sleek. Flooring can be chosen from laminated flooring to stained concrete and tiling. Your flooring will add to the appeal of the kitchen overall. Choosing appropriate flooring is a good investment as a home improvement idea.

Tying together the kitchen makeover tips for resale

By making use of these 4 main kitchen makeover tips it will be easier to resell your home. Refacing your kitchen cabinets will refresh the look of your kitchen and will be a good investment. Choosing a new worktop material from laminated MDF to quartz and granite will upgrade the value of your kitchen. Choosing appropriate and adequate lighting for your kitchen renovation will increase the chance of sale of your home. Focussing on home improvement details like hardware and a backsplash will make your kitchen look sleek. Choosing aesthetically pleasing flooring will finish off your kitchen and be a good investment. Overall, making use of these 4 kitchen renovation makeover tips will increase your home’s value and boost your chance of selling your home.