The Bathroom Renovation Checklist for 2021

The latest bathroom renovation trends concentrate on “el fresco” and “fresh air” living. Due to the fact that many homeowners are spending a lot of time inside they are looking for a connection with nature and the el fresco style provides that connection. It merges the border between the inside and outside of the home. 2021 brings with it bold, creative designs in bathroom renovations. We recommend using our bathroom renovation services based in the Scotland area and these trends to inspire your bathroom design.

Incorporating wooden features into your bathroom

Many bathroom designers are choosing destinations and creating their designs around the destination’s scenery. Next, they include unique environmental features into the bathrooms they design from cabinetry to bathtubs and trim. An example is choosing a Huang cabinet. The Huang mountain range in China is home to walnut trees and rosewood. This cabinet is made from walnut root and rosewood veneer, adding a modern element. From the redwoods seen in Northern California to bamboo taken from East Asia, wood cabinets make a statement and add a natural element to your bathroom renovations. 

Adding stone features to your bathroom

Other designers are taking inspiration from underground caves or homes built into the landscape. They are veering away from traditional tiles to carved limestone and quartz adding elegance and an airy feel. Using stone from your countertops to the bathtub, is a creative idea in your bathroom renovations based in the Scotland area.

Installing subdued lighting into your bathroom

The el fresco lifestyles considers the bathroom a place to relax and connect with nature. To get the right effect, soft lighting that mimics the outdoors is required. Skylights and big windows create this effect, but aren’t always needed. A big chandelier suited in size to the room as a whole, pendant lighting or even ceiling lighting ass an ambient feel. If the bathroom is too dark, tea lights in crystal or stone holders add elegance.

Adding a bold bathtub to your bathroom

Cream colours combined with bronze tapware, or a vintage design is trending coming into 2021. The bathtub shouldn’t just be another part of the room but the focal point drawing attention to its design. Speak to our bathroom designer about a statement bathtub in your bathroom and the idea of incorporating bronze accents through tapware.

Fitting gold hardware in your bathroom

Gold is trendy at the moment and will make an impact in your bathroom. This year you will see accents of bold and brass across sinks, toilets and mirrors and in smaller touches such as hardware and faucets. These warm tones add an element of depth to your bathroom giving I a welcoming and luxurious feel. Colours vary from light bronze to statement-making golds. So your look can be from chic to antique. Discuss hardware options for your bathroom renovations with our bathroom designer. 

Installing a smart toilet in your bathroom

Smart toilets are becoming more popular. They offer seat dryers, automated lid openers and deodorisers. You will notice the efficiency of the flushing and cleaning options that make use of wireless technology and sensors. Some smart toilets have Tornado Flush Technology with the fastest water siphoning capabilities on the market. Offering maximum sanitation, a small amount of effort and the latest technology, having a smart toilet will be a top trend in 2021.

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Using mirrors in your bathroom with unique shapes

Large, square mirrors are less common in the bathroom. Look for mirror shapes that highlight the depth of the room like circles, cubes or hexagons. A unique shaped mirror adds a contemporary twist while reflecting natural light. Matching trim on your mirror in bronze, stone or wood looks good. A unique-shaped mirror adds a luxurious feel.

Adding oblong sinks to your bathroom 

Oblong sinks are replacing traditional sinks. Bathroom designers are creating a vintage basin aesthetic. Made from both wood and stone, their basins are carved or cut into oblong shapes from small to large in size. When perceived as pieces of art, these basins bring a luxurious element to a bathroom renovation in the Scotland area.

Tying together 2021 bathroom design trends for the ideal bathroom

“El fresco” and “fresh air” living is seen as a theme in bathrooms coming into 2021.  Many homeowners are spending a lot of time inside so they are looking for a connection with nature and the el fresco style provides that connection. A lot of bathroom designers are choosing destinations and creating their designs around the destination’s scenery such as a Huang walnut wood cabinet from Huang mountain range in China. Homeowners are using stone in their countertops and bathtubs for a luxuriant aesthetic. In terms of lighting- a big chandelier suited in size to the room as a whole, pendant lighting or even ceiling ligating adds an ambient feel. Adding a bold bathtub and bronze tapware makes a statement on your bathroom renovations. For your tapware, trending colours vary from light bronze to statement-making golds making a statement from chic to antique.

Installing a smart toilet is a trend going into 2021 in bathroom renovations in Scotland. They have seat dryers, automated lid openers and deodorisers. Using a unique shaped mirror adds a contemporary twist while reflecting natural light in your bathroom. Adding an oblong sink is a trendy addition to your bathroom too, perceived as a piece of art. Overall with the help of our bathroom installation team and with these trends to inspire your bathroom design you are well on your way to creating the bathroom you have always wanted.

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How to Increase Your Property Value for 2020: Eight of the Best Ways to Add Value to your Home

Even if you are not in the market to sell your home soon, it’s worthwhile to add value to your home. There are various home improvement ideas that we will discuss that will benefit your home. The alterations and home improvement don’t have to be fiercely expensive. If you want to move up the property ladder, you need to know how to add value to your home so when you decide to sell you will get the best return on investment. Larger home projects can be seen as the obvious choice for home improvement but don’t underestimate the value that basic structural and cosmetic repairs can make. You have come to the right place if you have home improvement needs. We offer interior renovation services such as kitchen renovations, living room renovations, bathroom renovations, and loft conversions. We also offer exterior renovations and services from roofing to wall coating and roughcasting to the window and door installation. We offer top-quality home improvement services in Scotland and throughout the UK. We would like to share with you our top eight ways to add value to your home and improve your property value.

  1. Fixing structural issues in your home

Fixing your structural issues on your property is important. You can’t just do the interior renovations and not attend to any exterior structural issues. These structural alterations or fixing of structural issues adds value to your home. Examples of structural issues include a sagging or leaking roof, damp issues, rotten joints or roof timbers and missing or even broken roof tiles. We offer roofing and re-roofing services. We can replace your entire roof with new Marleys roof tiles available in clay or concrete or we can do re-roofing whereby we cover the slate with a second layer of slate. We will also replace any rotten joints of roof timbers when fitting your new roof. When it comes to avoiding damp we offer a range of exterior wall coating services using a product called ProPERLA. It offers a super-hydrophobic protection layer on your walls that keeps damp at bay. We have a variety of colours on offer. We also offer roughcasting services on your exterior walls and are a top installer of roughcasting and wall coatings in the UK.

  • Adding a new heating system

If you are on a government grant you have the opportunity to get a new free eco boiler. Government grants for eco heating are simple to obtain. It is a simple process if you are shown how it’s done! Essentially you need to be a home-owner, be on a benefit scheme and then upgrade the efficiency of your home. You then qualify for a free boiler. We will do the installation for you and sort out the process. This will add value to your home.

  • Consider a loft conversion in your home

Home improvement is a worthwhile investment if you decide to do a loft conversion. We can add an extra bedroom, bathroom or kids Play Zone in your loft. According to a recent survey on, a loft conversion adds £23,754.57 on average of value to your property. Lofts add extra space and bedrooms to your property and will increase the overall value for your family. You can allocate the loft as an area for your kids to sleep and play.

  • Adding new PVC double glazing windows and composite doors to your property

Double glazing windows are essential in the UK and add value to your property. You can replace old windows with PVC double glazing windows. We have them available in a variety of window styles. Double glazing will also improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your energy bills.

  • Remodelling and adding extra rooms in your home

You could choose to extend your living room or add an extra bedroom or two. This will add bedrooms to your floorplan and up the value of your home. Browse our renovations services to see what suits your renovation dreams. We have different styles and colour schemes on offer. We have fitted elegant living rooms and nicely decorated bedrooms throughout the UK.

  • Doing kitchen renovations in your home

We offer a variety of kitchen renovation styles for your new kitchen from modern to traditional. We offer bespoke kitchens and unique worktops so that your kitchen really makes an elegant statement yet has a homely feel and superior functionality. An improved kitchen with something like the idea of a new kitchen island offers storage space, meal preparation space, and a sitting area for your family and friends.

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  • Doing bathroom renovations in your home

Renovating your bathroom or adding an additional bathroom adds value to your home. Ensure that the floor is clean and hygienic by using something like tiles. Repaint your walls with a trendy colour. Add an extractor fan for ventilation. Put up a mirror to make the space feel bigger and brighter. You may even want to add underfloor heating with your home improvement bathroom renovations.

  • Adding insulation to your home decreases your energy bills and adds value to your home

We offer loft, floor, wall, and roof insulation. The product we use has a 25-year warranty and is guaranteed to cut your heating and cooling bills by up to 50%. Adding warmth to your home adds a cosiness in winter and this insulation ensures your home will stay cooler in summer so you won’t need an AC unit.

Home improvement ideas add value to your home

With our ideas to add value to your property, you can sell your home at a better value later on if you so wish. The services we have on offer and have mentioned are guaranteed to add monetary and aesthetic value to your home. These home improvement ideas will benefit your home on a functional level too. Browse through our services for further information. We would like to help you add value to your home and get the home of your dreams!