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Home Improvement Grant: Who is Eligible for a Home Improvement Grant?

You have access to a home improvement grant via your government heating grant today, applying to homes in the UK if you are on benefits. You will have access to a free boiler when you install underfloor insulation or loft insulation. Browse our Heating services to find out more. The free boiler will reduce your energy consumption. We can do the boiler installation for you. The local government has initiated the Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Government grants for eco boilers are easy to obtain and we will guide you through the process. Making these home improvements improves the value of your home overall. If you plan to sell your home later on the insulation you have installed and the eco boiler that you have will add monetary value to your home and help you climb the property ladder. The insulation scheme means you can access central heating in the Scotland area while we handle the process and install your free eco boiler. Firstly you need to insulate your underfloors or loft.

The requirements to gain access to free boiler

To start the process you first need to install floor or loft insulation. If you have a regular boiler it needs to be over 4 years old and if it’s a combi-boiler it needs to be over 6 years old. In using our heating services we will give you an energy assessment of your home free of charge. This process assesses whether your new boiler will help reduce your household energy bills. Home improvements such as this are very valuable and help you save money on a monthly basis with a more energy-efficient home. The insulation services we offer will help you insulate either your loft or your underfloors. Our insulation is considered top quality with a 25-year warranty on all work completed. Our insulation scheme allows you to have access to a free boiler if you are on benefits. Installing the new boiler is free of charge. However, there may be a small contribution fee for work carried out. For further information please visit the GOV.UK website.

The qualifying benefits you need to be on

You will also need to be on these qualifying benefits:

– Child Tax Credit
– Working Tax Credit
– Pension Credits
– Income-Related ESA
– Income-Related JSA
– Universal Credit
– Income Support
– Disability Living Allowance
– Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
– Attendance Allowance
– Carer’s Allowance

– Severe Disablement Allowance
– Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits
– War Pensions Mobility Supplement
– Constant Attendance Allowance
– Armed Forces Independence Payment
– Child Benefit

Our expert and professional team will be able to easily help you.

How to check if you qualify for a free eco-boiler

In most cases government grants for eco heating apply to most homeowners in the UK that are covered by benefits so you can get your free boiler. Check if you qualify by answering the below questions

  • Are you a Homeowner?
  • Are you on benefits?
  • Does your property qualify- we must insulate your floors and you will receive a free installed boiler.

Visit our heating services page for further information.

How the process works

You can do an online qualification check on our Heating services form by filling in a simple form that takes under 30 seconds to complete. Next, we will insulate your floor or loft using our revolutionary insulation product as part of our insulation services. We will then do your free boiler installation at a time that’s convenient to you. Following this, you will speak to our heating specialist and book your appointment. Next, you will meet your Household Energy Assessor. You will make major savings on this upgrade. Finally, you will choose and arrange a convenient installation date.

The benefits of installing an eco boiler

After you have used our insulation services to insulate your underfloors or loft and once you have checked if you are on the qualifying benefits schemes to get a free boiler you will know if you have the opportunity to access a home improvement grant. Home improvement grants up the value of your home and will make them more valuable in the long-term especially in the case where you may like to sell your home later on. Fill in the qualification form on our heating services page to discover if you qualify for a free boiler. The eco boiler will improve the energy efficiency of your home and help you save overall on your monthly heating bills. Your home will also be warmer in winter with the aid of the insulation and boiler. It’s a free service if you’re on benefits and are a home-owner so make sure to fill in the qualification form and we will get in touch with you with further information and we can set up an installation date for your brand new eco-boiler. We cannot wait to help you save money or your energy bills and assist you in getting your new, energy efficient boiler.

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