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How Much Value Does A Bathroom Remodel Add To Your Home?

Adding an ensuite on renovating an existing bathroom in your home automatically adds value to your property. Renovating the bathroom can increase the value of a property by 5-7%. A bathroom renovation in Scotland for an ensuite bathroom costs between £2,500 and £6,000. So adding or updating a bathroom is a worthwhile home improvement idea. Adding an additional bathroom creates extra space for a bigger family too and making it ensuite increases the house’s resale value. We recommend using trying our bathroom client’s services where you can choose a bathroom style that appeals to you and they will do the design and installation for you.

Choosing your bathroom renovation areas

Homeowners on a smaller budget or those who only want to concentrate on certain areas to upgrade should concentrate on the areas with the highest returns. This allows the homeowner to put funds towards certain areas with the highest return on investment and will help them prioritise their funds. We will discuss 5 bathroom renovation ideas to add value to your home.

1.     Getting new plumbing fixtures

Outdated fixtures make a room look dated while new fixtures make a bathroom modern and welcoming. Installing new faucets and showerheads is not an expensive cost in refurbishing your bathroom. Choose fixtures that complement the theme of the bathroom overall. This home improvement idea will add monetary value to your home and improve it on an aesthetic and functional level. If you have a modern bathroom, ensure your fixtures match the colour palette of the room and its general style.

2.     Upgrading your vanity

If your budget allows it upgrading the entire vanity is a good idea which means you will be replacing faucets, cabinetry and sink. You can either buy a vanity kit and DIY or you can enlist the expertise of our bathroom client’s fitting team. Marble and granite are popular countertops and white tiles and laminate can look retro.

3.     Apply a fresh coat of paint

The simple idea of painting your bathroom can make a big impact overall. This is a particularly good idea if your bathroom shows signs of mildew or water damage. If there is water damage you will need to attend to this problem before painting. It is nice to have a kitchen company repaint your bathroom as they can recommend appropriate colour choices in keeping with your bathroom theme.

4.     Updating your bathroom flooring

Upgrading your bathroom flooring will be an investment on an aesthetic and monetary level. Tiling a bathroom in the United Kingdom costs an average price of £20-£25 per square metre. If you want to take things to the next level installing radiant heat mats under the tiles will warm the floors, perfect to walk on after a shower or bath. New flooring and heat mats changes the look, feel and functionality of the bathroom space.

5.     Upgrading your energy efficiency

An energy-efficient home is good for the environment as well as for the resale value of your home. You can optimise the shower, sink as well as toilet for low flow which means you will use less water and save on your monthly water bills. A more energy-efficient home is appealing to buyers and will save you money overall.

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A bathroom renovation is a good idea on the whole

Overall a bathroom renovation is a worthwhile investment. A bathroom renovation adds 5-7% in value to your home. Adding an ensuite bathroom costs between £2,500 and £6,000. Tiling your bathroom to upgrade the floors with bathroom renovations in Scotland costs an average price of £20-£25 per square metre. We discussed 5 key areas you can focus on that our bathroom client can work on for you in a bathroom renovation. Adding new plumbing fixtures, upgrading your vanity and painting your bathroom are worthwhile home improvement ideas. You can also re-tile or change the flooring in your bathroom to add value to your home with the added luxury of underfloor heating mats. Upgrading the energy efficiency of your home by optimising low water flow in your shower, sink and toilet will save on your water bills and make the house more attractive should you wish to sell it one day. By using a bathroom services team your bathroom renovation will prove easy and a worthwhile investment to get the bathroom you have always wanted! The bathroom services team will provide advice on the choice of fixtures, paint colour and flooring options so that your bathroom will look inviting after the renovations.

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