Alarm Systems

  • Speedy response services after you push your Alert Button
  • Raise the alarm in an emergency, 300m wireless range, Medical keymat also supplied.
  • Applies to homeowners with homes worth between £45,000 and £300,000
  • We will pass on your contact details to our alarm systems fitter partner company, namely Ultimate Security Systems. They will then be in touch with you with further details of the promotion.

We can make your DREAM ROOF ideas a reality by replacing your full roof with a choice of ceramic, clay or slate tiles.

Get your Personalised Alarm System!

  • Our wireless neck pendant panic button will keep you safer in your home.
  • Have our home alarm system installed activated via keypad and feel safe knowing your house is armed
  • UK based Emergency Specialist available
  • Police will arrive when your panic button is pushed during a burglary
  • Emergency services will be on call 24/7 after you click your panic button
  • Completely free tailor-made Risk Assessment
  • Package available to suit all Budgets
  • Emergency services available on call include: Police/Ambulance/Fire Brigade

Emergency services are simply a click away with your alert Button.

At the outset our alarm systems fitter partner offers a free Risk Assessment with free security tips. Their products are affordable. They have a home alarm system that they can install operated by a keypad attached to the wall. This will help you feel safer due to the alarm going off when an intruder breaks in. You can also choose to get the alert button suited for the elderly and for break-ins and other emergencies. The alert button is an emergency alert system for vulnerable people and family members in the advent of an emergency. The alert pendant is an alarm or alert system monitored by Emergency services: the police, ambulance and fire brigade. The system also triggers an alert in the advent of a fire in your home. You can push your alert button and the fire brigade will arrive shortly. 48% of accidental fires in households are caused by kitchen appliances.

92% of people experiencing burglaries on the UK don’t have a monitored alarm in their home. There is a burglary every 68 seconds in the UK. These figures are alarming and are exactly why we recommend we install a house alarm system activated via keypad and that you get an alert button. After the home alarm is triggered you can push your alert button and the police will arrive within minutes. You can hang your alert button around your neck on a pendant, clip it to your belt or mount it on your wall. The home alarm system is an extra barrier against crime and suited to families or people and the elderly living alone. The My alert button pendant means vulnerable people can remain independent and not have to live in a retirement home by sending a fast signal for help in emergency cases such as a medical emergency or a fall, or an emergency fall situation in the shower. The alert button can be used to signal alerts in many dangerous situations.

Family members can also can push the alert button in the case of a break-in or burglary and police will be on their way. If the elderly person is in a nursing home there can be an alert button next to every bed, in every ward and worn by staff. This will reassure families and patients and signal an alert of any incidents, falls, faints or medical emergencies. The alert button is also suited to banks, offices and shops. These alert buttons also suit industrial or warehouse settings, shipping or any other dangerous setup.

Our alarm systems fitter partner recommends installing a property alarm system activated by a keypad and the alert button. The alert button uses 4G LTE Technology and is a wireless service to worn around the homeowner’s neck so in the event if an emergency, Emergency services available quickly! This alongside the home alarm system activated via keypad works well. The emergency response is on offer 24/7 so you can push your panic button for help at any time of day. You can live a safe life with your alert button and emergency services help just a click away.

See how much you will SAVE

How much can I SAVE ?

Firstly we need to a roof assessment on your home. In some cases parts of the roof can be saved or reused if they are of a high enough quality. Modern roofs are different to older roofs that may last years to come. Modern roofs last 25-50 years. Our roofing survives guarantee top workmanship.

Enter your post code now and we will get hold of you. It’s that simple.

How do I save up to 40% on my roof ?

Our roofing services include removing old and damaged tiles and replacing them with new roof tiles. We use Marleys ceramic and clay tiles as well as slate tiles. We also offer bespoke roofing services. We will show you the samples our surveyors have on offer and you can choose which tiles you would like in which colour on your brand new roof.

We offer a variety of red clay and ceramic tiles to black tiles. Each of our partners has all the necessary accreditations to work safely and are qualified to correctly value the discount you will receive. Applying for a discount is free of charge with no further obligation from your part to continue should you wish to do so. We offer the best roofing services in the Scotland area.

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How do I know if I qualify ?

Normally we cover areas all over Scotland. The qualification criteria are simple.

  • Are you a Homeowner?
  • Are you employed, self-employed or retired?
  • Affordability. We must ensure you understand that the My Call Alert Buttons are not free.

It’s really simple. Discover in 30 seconds if you can benefit from a My Call Alert Button and home alarm system.

The alert button pendant

Product Features.

  • Get speedy emergency services response in an emergency
  • Medical keyfob also supplied
  • Enforcer two-way wireless technology
  • 300m wireless range
  • One-push-to-learn
  • LED signal strength indicator
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • Available with lanyard, keyring, belt clip and wall mount options for ultimate flexibility

How It Works

1. Online qualification check

2. Receive a 5-minute call from one of our Alarm system specialists

3. Discover if we cover your area

4. Meet with your Alarm Service Agent

5. Arrange a My Call Alert Pendant Drop off & User Guidance

6. Enjoy a safe home life!

Many Scottish Homeowners have a safer home life and save on their Alarm system!.

I have a household alarm system installed and an alert button. Recently we experienced a break-in. Our household alarm went off in the middle of the night and I immediately pushed my alert button. The police arrived at our house a few minutes later. Luckily nothing was stolen. The police scanned the perimeter and made sure we were safe. Thank you for making us feel safer in our home!
- Mr G Smith
I am an elderly person living alone. I had a fall recently and quickly pushed my alert button. The ambulance arrived soon after and took me to my local hospital to be looked over. I feel safe on my own and my family feel reassured I can push my alert button in a medical emergency. Thank you!
- Mrs Watson
  • Ensure your safety at home with your alert button pendant and home alarm system
  • Feel reassured with your elderly parent living alone with their alert button pendant available
  • Have Emergency services on call 24 hours a day with a quick human response
  • Get fast police response in a burglary

Your alert button means you will be safe and secure at all times!.

Do you feel uneasy in your home? Do you have concerns about your elderly parent living alone without an alarm system in place? Are you concerned about a fire in your home and the need for a quick response by the Fire Brigade? With your alert button don’t have to worry! With our alarm systems fitter partner’s home alarm system in place you will be safer and you can keep your alert button pendant around your neck or you can even put it next to your bed so emergency services are just a click away. The Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance will come to your home within minutes help you and take you to Hospital if needed. The Alarm System agents will explain the procedure to you and this is the answer to get help fast!

Simply fill out our form below and one of our team members will contact you and explain how we can help!