Bathroom Renovations


  • At the moment we are looking for show homes
  • We would like to showcase our range of bathrooms as installed in real homes
  • You will pay a discounted rate
  • In return you will get a brand new, fresh bathroom
  • We will take photos Before and After bathroom installation
  • We will pass on your contact details to our bathroom fitter partner company, called Clearwater KB. They will then be in touch with you with further details of the promotion.

Check if you qualify for a new bathroom!

Our Show home Promotion .

We are refreshing our bathroom range. Our new offers need to be seen in bathroom renovations in real homes for our promotional material. We need all shapes and sizes of Before and After our bathroom renovation installations. We have many bathroom renovation ideas we would like to showcase. This service is provided by our bathroom fitting partner company.  They will get in direct contact with you.

Our marketing team has set up different quantities per range per post code for our bathroom fitting partner. Our marketing team has set up different quantities per range per post code. Our marketing team will take the Before and After photos for use in our catalogue. We may also take time-lapse videos or ask for video testimonials although this may not be needed.

You will get a brand new, fresh bathroom in return according to your style preferences at a discounted rate. All work completed is to the necessary safety accreditations. You will also receive guarantees on work completed in your brand new bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovation cost in the UK can be expensive but our discounted rate is affordable.

Check if you qualify:

  • Your information is secure.

How do I know if I qualify ?

Normally bathroom discount offers apply to most homeowners in the UK.
The qualification criteria can be as simple as follows.

  • Are you a Homeowner?
  • Are you employed, self-employed or retired?
  • We must ensure you understand that the
    bathroom is not free.

It’s very simple. Find out in 30 seconds if you can benefit from using your new bathroom as a show home bathroom and find out if you qualify for a discount on your new dream bathroom.

  • Check online to see if you qualify in 30 seconds
  • Only pay a discounted amount
  • Add £10,000s value to your home*
  • Superior quality bathrooms at a cheaper rate
  • Check how much you discount you can get
  • Bathroom installed at a time that suits you
  • Exclusive postcode specific offer
  • Your details will remain confidential

Check if you qualify:

  • Your information is secure.

Instant discount check .

We 100% Guarantee that if you qualify, we’ll tell you how much discount
you qualify for and give you a free quote.

Why we offer a discount on new bathrooms ?

We need to do the bathroom renovations so we can take the Before and After photographs for our bathroom fitting partner. Recent studies revealed pictures of bathroom renovations in real homes have a higher conversion rate than studio pictures. We therefore need photographs of bathroom renovation ideas in real homes at a discounted rate for your new bathroom. The average cost of your new bathroom can be greatly decreased. We have done bathroom renovations in Glasgow and bathroom renovations in the greater UK area with great success!

With the renewed popularity of online promotion it is necessary that we have photos that meet digital requirements. We are essentially redoing photoshoots of part of our bathroom fitting partner’s former range to a digital promotion quality. With technology we can animate the progress of the transformation of your bathroom renovation. So, we need to renew our bathroom fitting partner’s bathroom range photos and how they are taken.



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How It Works

1. Online qualification check

2. Find out discount value

3. Speak with our partners and book an appointment

4. Meet with your bathroom designer

5. Choose and arrange installation date

6. Sit back and relax

A new bathroom is a great investment.

“According to research from Tap Warehouse, a kitchen and bathroom makeover could increase the value of your house by a whopping 10%.”**
love property 27 February, 2020

Check if you Qualify:

  • Your information is secure.

Free to apply, check online for free.

We hope you understand more about our scheme now. Discover in under 30 seconds if you can benefit from the offer which allows a discount of up to £6,500 off your new bathroom.