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Our builder fitter partner is a reliable and professional roofing and building company with a qualified team that offers several services in Glasgow and the area surrounding it. They are a roofing company that offers the following services: roofing and walls, roughcasting, exterior wall coating, the installation of renewables and solar panels, double glazed windows fitment, door installations and double glazed conservatories. They also carry out conservatory roof conversions in the Glasgow area and its surrounds using the Solaroof option. They also offer extension renovations which will increase the value on your home.

This roofing and building company has been in business for numerous
years throughout the UK. They guarantee that their work is completed to a superior standard by their professional and efficient team. There will be a Warranty on any work completed. They are a reputable roofing and building company with many happy
customers in Scotland.

We will pass on your contact details to our builder installer partner company, namely 1A Contracts.  They will then be in touch with you with further details of the promotion.

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How much can I SAVE ?

Firstly we need to a roof assessment on your home. In some cases parts of the roof can be saved or reused if they are of a high enough quality. Modern roofs are different to older roofs that may last years to come. Modern roofs last 25-50 years. Our roofing survives guarantee top workmanship.

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Re-roofing is the process of layering one set of new shingles over a set of existing shingles. Because you are not replacing the whole roof, reroofing can be quicker and cheaper. Re-roofing is seen widely in Scotland due to the materials many household’s roofs.

The re-roofing will be completed by this reliable roofing company in Glasgow. The job will be completed to a high standard, according to building regulations. Our builder installer partner uses top quality materials obtained from roofing manufacturer’s supplies in Glasgow

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How do I know if I qualify ?

Typically roofs and roughcasting discount offers qualify to most homeowners in Scotland. The qualification criteria can be as simple as follows.

  • Are you a Homeowner?
  • Are you employed, self-employed or retired?
  • Affordability. We must ensure you understand that the windows are not free.

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Latest projects- Re-roofing: covering existing roof with new tiles

Tiling options

Slate tiles

Conservation projects

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Roof coating- treating the roofs with RENOTEC®.

Our builder installer partner uses RENOTEC® to treat roofs. Roof coatings as seen used in the Glasgow region such as RENOTEC® prolong the lifetime of roof tiles. RENOTEC® makes roofs look shiny and clean. Our builder fitter partner uses RENOTEC® roof coatings in Scotland and they are considered a reputable roofing company. RENOTEC® boosts the value of your property and enhances surface protection. It can be installed quickly.

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